Here's a first.  A Connecticut man has been arrested for threatening his wife by stabbing a watermelon.

49-year-old Carmine Cervillino was arrested by Thomaston police after he allegedly stabbed and carved a watermelon in what was described as a "passive-aggressive" manner.

His wife originally went to police to report finding pot and drugs in his toolbox in their home July 4th.  Police didn't find it when they went there, but later returned when the woman reported Cervillino had left a watermelon on the table, with a butcher's knife stuck in it.

He then, according to his wife, began to carve and stab the melon in a manner in which she felt threatened.  She felt he was insinuating it was her.

The couple is reportedly going through a divorce.   Cervillino and the watermelon could not be reached for comment, according to the Register Citizen newspaper.