A 55-year-old Cascade, Iowa, man was arrested for a DUI and police found some interesting passengers in his truck.

Jerald Reiter was taken into custody by police outside a bar in nearby Dubuque after someone called authorities when they saw him climb into his truck, intoxicated. But police found he had interesting passengers: A small zebra, and a parrot in the passenger seat. Reiter and his girlfriend told a Dubuque TV station the animals are their pets, and they treat them as if they were their children; often taking them to this bar because people are allowed sometimes to bring their animals inside!

Reiter said he realized he was too drunk to drive, and was ready to turn the keys over to a passenger when police arrived.  He believes several people in the parking lot taking pictures of his zebra assumed he was going to drive, and that's why they called police.  The animals were in the truck because Reiter said that evening the bar was serving food so the animals could not enter.  We at Newstalk 870 wonder if the "passenger" Reiter was going to give the keys to was the zebra.   But that wouldn't work--zebras can't hold the steering wheel because they don't have a thumb.

Interestingly, the name of the bar Reiter took the animals to was The Dog House Lounge...