If the report didn't come from the police, it might not have been believable.

Melbourne, Australia officials say a man has been charged with allegedly trying to use a small, unmanned aerial device (a drone) to drop drugs to an inmate in a prison yard.

Officers at the Metropolitan Remand Center Sunday became suspicious when they noticed the small drone hovering low over the prison yard.    Police in Victoria, a suburb of Melbourne, watched as the drone flew away and followed it.  It led them to a nearby car parked by the prison.  They found a man and woman in the car, with the small four-engine drone and an unspecified amount of drugs!

Police did not say if the drone successfully "delivered" it's cargo, and refused to give any details about the drone itself, except that it had four engines.   The man was charged with several counts of attempting to deliver drugs, and later posted bail.

The fact that the drone had four engines would make it unlikely it was any kind of radio-controlled (R/C) device used by hobbyists around the world.