There's a time to go after what we deem valuable, and a time not to.  Stevens County Sherriffs say a man drowned over the weekend attempting to save a fishing rod!

The man was fishing on Waitts Lake in Stevens County Saturday when the rod fell out of his boat.  He jumped in after it, but slipped under the water.  Two men fishing with him threw life jackets into the water, but the man could not reach them and drowned.   Stevens and Spokane County sherriffs say the victim, who's name was not released, was NOT wearing a life jacket when he went into the water.   The search continues, divers will be coming the Northwest corner of the lake in an effort to find the body.

   Sure, fishing rods can cost hundreds of dollars.   But they're not worth risking your life over.   Officials say the man probably never had a chance, because the frigid water probably caused him to instantly tense up and lose his breath, taking him to the bottom.  The man did not have proper insulated diving gear.