Over four months after committing a series of crimes, a Quincy, WA man is finally going to spend at least six months in jail. We're surprised it's not longer.

Back in late August Washington State Patrol troopers were alerted to a driver in a Suburban in Douglas County who may have been intoxicated. Reports indicated the vehicle was driven into a ditch near State Route 28. When troopers arrived, the vehicle was gone, but was later seen in an orchard not far from Rock Island, which is near Wenatchee.

Witnesses had seen 27-year-old James Escure throw a beer can out the window of the Suburban earlier, and his driving indicated he was likely intoxicated. After leading State Troopers on a wild 100-mph chase, which included crashing into an orchard, a sand pit and finally stopping outside a home, Escure refused commands to stop and surrender to police.

He was eventually shot with a Taser to subdue him. Besides DUI and other charges, he actually was given an Alford Plea on several other charges of eluding officers. An Alford Plea is not guilty, but admits if gone to trial, the suspect would probably be found guilty.

In the end, according to the Columbia Basin Herald, Escure will spent at least six months in jail.  wow!