A check of court records showed the man found dead in a West Pasco home Monday had several incidents involving domestic violence.

36-year-old Aaron Newport, who was found dead in a bedroom at the home of 29-year-old Monique V. Williams Monday, had previously  been found guilty of fourth-degree assault in 2008, as well as a 2007 first-degree criminal trespass incident involving his ex-wife.

Court records show Newport broke into Whitney Ellison's apartment, choked her, bit her face and made a threat to kill her.  He was sentenced to a year in jail, 9 months of it on work release.   He was also accused of violating a pre-trial protection order against him when he grabbed Ellison by the throat.  However, news reports indicate after divorcing, the two were able to make amends over the incidents, and move on peacefully.

Authorities are awaiting the results of autopsies on both Newport and Williams before officially determining causes of death.  Police have confirmed a gun was fired in the home, and the two probably died sometime over the weekend.   Police discovered the two bodies in what was called a "violent" crime scene after receiving an early Monday-morning call requesting a check on their welfare.  Police have not said their deaths are a murder-suicide pending further investigation.

Newport, the 1997 Tri City Raceway Late Model class champion, has received posthumous support from a Facebook page with several hundred "likes", and the Tri-City Raceway Facebook has numerous mentions as well.   His stock car racing career was  marked by highs and lows and several incidents at the track, where he was known as an aggressive, outspoken driver.   He was fined and temporarily banned from several races one season after run-ins with track officials.  In one of the incidents, after being black-flagged (sent to the pits) for aggressive driving, he instead parked his car in the middle of the track in front of the grandstands, walked away and left it there.

Some friends and supporters say it appeared Newport had moved on from some previous issues in his life, and appeared to be much happier and more at peace in recent years, especially while following his passion, racing jet skis.  After racing stock cars, he moved on to become a very accomplished jet ski competitor.

More information is expected from Pasco officials Thursday and Friday.