The Tri-City Dust Devils might, or might not, want to look at this guy's pitching arm.

It happened a few days ago in May, but according to Grant County Sheriff's deputies, during a recent car chase near Ephrata, the suspect fleeing police threw bags of drugs out his window, one of them sticking to the side mirror of the sherrif's vehicle.

May 28th, deputies began to pursue 29-year-old Jeffrey Lewis Jr. of Goldendale, on I-90 when they saw him driving east at speeds approaching 123 miles per hour!

The deputy, with help from the State Patrol, began to chase Lewis.  According to officials, Lewis appeared to be reaching to the passenger side of his car, grabbing clear plastic bags, and emptying the contents out the window. The bags were full of clear and dark materials, and then he let go of the empty bags.

They would land on the hood of the police cruiser and bounce off, one of them sticking to the side view mirror!  Finally, the pursuit was terminated when Lewis slid his car onto Hiawatha Road after leaving the highway. He then spun, and exited the car when he saw he was boxed in by Sheriff's and State Patrol. He laid face down on the road and surrendered.

Amazingly, the bags have to be  tested for drug residue, as Lewis was able to completely empty them prior to them flying back onto the cruiser. But at least he will be in the Grant County jail for some time for multiple driving infractions, including driving with a suspended license.