Kennewick police have released new information about the man who allegedly went door to door, posing as a City of Kennewick worker this week.

Earlier this week, Newstalk 870 reported about the man who not only tried to pass himself off as a city worker, but was also seen in East Kennewick trying to convince homeowners to allow him to test their water.  He then tried to sell them a water filtration system.  The man was seen wearing a badge identifying he worked for a company called Aqua Clean.   The only company by that name in the Mid-Columbia is a pool cleaning service on Columbia Drive in Richland.      Kennewick police were able to bring forth new information after an investigation.

Mike Blatman of the Kennewick Police Department issued a statement Thursday about the reports.

" Kennewick Police contacted the male identified the male associated with this incident on Wednesday. He advised he was working for a California based company and was with a group of sales persons operating in Kennewick and Pasco. He was advised to stop all sales and advised of business licensing requirements. At this time the business has not applied for a City of Kennewick Business License. However, based on the deceptive practices of the business identifying themselves as representing the City of Kennewick, the City of Kennewick has determined they will not license this company to do business in Kennewick."

No mention was made if any charges will be filed against the man or the company.   It is likely the man and his companions have been advised to leave town, and not return.