The burger competition is heating up in Georgia!

Police in Rome, Georgia, were called to the local McDonald's restaurant Monday night after the manager called to report a man dressed as the Burger King was allegedly causing a disturbance!

The man, dressed to completely resemble the mascot of the rival food chain, was reportedly handing out hamburgers outside of the McDonald's.

When confronted by the manager, the man reportedly told her he was collecting money for charity. He also stopped to take pictures with various children, but one child ran away in fear from the masked visitor, according to witnesses.

The man did not enter the McDonald's at any time, nor did he attempt to collect money from anyone inside or coming out of the store -- only the parking lot. He drove away in a white Accura, according to the manager.  Police did not arrive in time to confront him.

While we love the food at both restaurants, there are times when that permanent smile of the King can come across as a little creepy.