We like doing it on our house, and people love to look at massive holiday light displays. But apparently a Grinchy neighbor has won in a Minnesota city.

According to CBS Local in Minnesota, a legendary holiday light display in the town of Waconia has dimmed it's lights, because of complaints from a neighbor.

Bob Zajac created the 300,000 plus light display years ago, and his legend has grown to the point where it attracted thousands of visitors every holiday. But his neighbor, Kurt Cedersund, views it as an eyesore.

The neighborhood fills with cars driving by, people who park nearby and watch the lights do their thing.  But Cedersund says kids crank up their stereos, make noise, and he claims trash gets left behind by the viewers.

Either way, Zajac finally got to the point with the griping that this year he's kept the lights in the garage.  Neighbors nearby say cars still come by, but quickly turn around and leave, realizing the display is not up this year.  The local newspapers and social media have received letters and comments of disappointment from Christmas fans, who loved the massive display.

Zajac plans to move to a new house soon, perhaps in a more open neighborhood, where other residents will appreciate his efforts.

To see a video of his home, click here.