Officials are calling it a miracle,  we call it stunning!

Workers in the Porter and Sons Funeral Home in  Lexington, Mississippi were shocked when a 78-year old man starting kicking inside a body bag on the examining table.

In a scene right out of Criminal Minds or CSI Vegas, Walter Williams woke up on the "slab" as workers were preparing to examine him following him being pronounced dead.

Coroner Dexter Howard said emergency crews were  called to William's home, and he was pronounced dead - with NO pulse - at 9am Wednesday.

After being taken to a nearby hospital, a probably explanation was found.  Williams has a pacemaker, and doctors said it stopped working, then started again, revived his heart, and he came back to life.   Williams heart was probably only stopped for a few minutes, long enough to pronounce him, before the pacemaker began operating.   His brain didn't appear to suffer any long-term damage from lack of oxygen.

Officials say the emergency responders probably couldn't find any pulse, especially since the pacemaker was not working, and yes, his heart had actually stopped.

In the understatement of the year,  Williams was quoted as saying "he's happy to be alive!"