Hit 'em where it hurts!  No electricity, no spying; no water, no toilets!

The bill is called the "Fourth Amendment Protection Act," and 8 Maryland GOP members of that state's House of Delegates want to make sure the National Security Agency is listening.  According to Fox News:

"The bill would deprive NSA's headquarters in Ft. Meade, Md., water and electricity carried over public utilities, prohibit the use of evidence gathered by the agency in state courts and prevent state universities from partnering with the NSA on research, according to the report. "

This and similar legislation being pushed in other states is the result of a grass-roots effort by the Tenth Amendment Center, a national think-tank dedicated to educating people about our nation's Constitution.  The Fourth Amendment protects against unnecessary search, seizure and confiscation of property - and in the eyes of many - unwarranted surveillance.

Six states, including WASHINGTON, have proposed legislation that could literally cut off the electrical supplies or otherwise limit NSA centers in their states. The NSA operates a listening post near Yakima, and GOP Representative David Taylor has proposed a bill that would cut their power!   His bill would render the center essentially useless because it would sever any and all state ties with the facility, including public municipalities - water and power.

What are your thoughts on this?   We think it's hysterical!  Now, if only we could do the same to the White House!