You gotta be kidding...! A Maryland woman who claims she has a winning ticket (worth 105 million) from the recent record Mega Millions lottery now says...she lost it.

We'll say she lost it!  Mirlande Williams, whom we earlier told you was being accused to not following through on a pledge to share the lottery with 15 co-workers who also bought tickets as part of a pool, now claims she hid the ticket at the McDonalds where she works, and cannot find it.

  Maybe it's because one of the jilted co-workers found it instead.  Williams has until the end of September to find it and claim it.  Now, because legally winners indentities do NOT have to be disclosed, perhaps one of her co-workers will find, or has found it, and is going to wait a few weeks, then claim it anonymously.    Other than a group of workers with dud tickets claiming they all pooled their money to win from this McDonald's, there is no proof she actually was supposed to share.  But why not?  105 million split 15 ways is still several hundred grand for each person after taxes.   We are certain this situation is not over yet.