If you haven't heard of "Fast And Furious", this one is not a movie.  It was a dubious plan hatched by the AFT to allow guns to be sent illegally to Mexico to expose the gun trafficing rings along the border.  The 18 month program allowed some 2,500 guns to be illegally sold to men who were known to be front-men for drug cartels. 

Now that the program has been brought to light, Mexican authorities are demanding trials in Mexico for the US officials who were behind it.  The original plan was to allow the guns to be smuggled and sold, then track them and arrest the people responsible for getting the guns to the drug dealers, ATF instead backed away from the plan.  It really backfired when many of the guns turned up as being used in drug gang hits,  ambushes, and other acts of violence by drug cartels.  Within just a few days of "putting out" the guns to be smuggled and sold, they began showing up at crime scenes.  Instead of cutting the program and telling Mexican officials, the ATF continued to pump guns into the program.   It is highly unlikely the US would allow it's own law and drug enforcement officials to be extradited, but this situation is bound to make US-Mexican relations even more uncomfortable.  This misguided plan will not help US officials either when it comes to pointing out the corruption found within the Mexican law enforcement community when it comes to dealing with the drug problem.