Here's some good news for Oregon and Washington military personnel.

In early March,   the federal government said the Tuition Assistance Program was to get cut due to budget shortfalls from the sequester.   However,  Rep. Ron Wyden of Oregon was able to 'convince'  Congressional leaders in D.C. to add to the budget signed by the President (which keeps the government going through September 30) a provision restoring the program.

The insistence of Wyden and others in Congress means more than 200,000 people serving in all branches of the military will be able to continue pursuing educational programs through TAP.

The TAP Program has proved to be a valuable recruiting tool for the military.   Without it, recruiters said it would affect their ability to attract outstanding military candidates, and also, current men and women in service would have had to come up with thousands of dollars of funding from other sources to continue their post-secondary educations.