According to Arbitron Inc., the number of Americans with a smartphone is over 50 percent. Arbitron is the company that measures and monitors radio listenership in hundreds of markets around the country (similar to the Nielsen television ratings system).

According to Arbitron's data, some 53 percent of Americans own a phone that is capable of accessing the Internet. Android devices and the iPhone are the leading types. For people between the ages of about 18 and 35, three out of four have one.

This seems to coincide with a study done in 2012 by the National Health Interview Survey (part of the Centers for Disease Control). It showed the number of American households without a land line at the start of 2012 was at 34 percent, with that number expected to rise about two percent every six months. If that's correct, that means right now nearly 40 percent of ALL Americans homes have cellphones only.

People in suburban or rural areas still tend to have more landlines than those in busier areas. Amazingly, just seven years ago only 10 percent of American homes lacked a land line.