There's a lot on the flatscreen these days that isn't suitable for children or teenagers, and many of them are watching shows that would make you toss your TV through the window.

According to leading researchers, many of these shows are dangerous for children.   Why?  The Center for Media Literacy, a non-profit research group, says the following shows are not good for youth:

*Gossip Girl-CW network.   Besides showing deviant sexual behavior,  researchers say this show features barely past teenagers going to strip clubs, engaging in drug use.  Teens who see them doing this think it's a normal part of life.

*The Secret Life Of An American Teenager-ABC Family-when it first debuted, was supposed to be a "cautionary' tale about teen pregnancy, but critics say it's handled more like a deviant soap opera. And to have it on ABC Family just makes the message worse.

*American Dad-Fox-Cartoon Network.   A spinoff of Family Guy,  the show features, critics say, some of the most low brow, crude humor, and family situations are handled in the worst way on this animated feature.

*Teen Mom and 16 And Pregnant-MTV-like Secret Life on ABC Family, the network defends these shows as "cautionary tales" about the need to practice safe sex practices and be careful; when in reality it covertly trieds to make stars of the girls.   Critics say these shows are programmed to be on when kids arrive home from school, and parents might not be there.   Witness the number of teenage pregnant stars from these shows that show up on covers of gossip and tabloid magazines.

*Two Broke Girls-ABC-  the latest of the shows, this new addition to the ABC fall lineup features young women discussing very private sexual practices, joking about them, and other material not fit for family prime time viewing.