There were a lot of world's records broken this year, but these are pretty remarkable!

No, nobody on this list smashed bottles over their head, or got on the scale at thousands of pounds.   Most were significant feats of engineering, science, technology, skill and effort.

According to,   some of them included:

  • The loudest purring cat ever recorded, Merlin the cat in January was recorded at an astounding 98db, or decibels.  By comparison,  the loudest crowd at the Toyota Center during a Tri-City Americans game has hit 108db!
  • Most expensive bacon sandwich. The Bacon Bling will set you back $235!
  • Youngest pilot to ever circumnavigate, or fly, around the globe.  He is just 19!
  • Largest LEGO model ever built!  It weighs over 22 tons.

If those aren't enough,  the world's record for fastest 100 meter dash running on all fours was also broken as was the world's largest ball pit!    We can only wonder what 2014 will bring for more remarkable world's records!  All were certified by Guinness, so they are official!