Apparently Bruno Mars, puppies - and this year, kittens - aren't enough to entice people during the Super Bowl halftime.  Here comes...The Fishbowl!

National Geographic Channel or Nat-Geo, will present the inaugural Fish Bowl, which will air from 6-10pm Eastern time February 2nd.

The broadcast will feature a goldfish named Goldie, who will spend the four hours swimming in a small rounded fishbowl.    Nat Geo becomes the latest network to attempt to offer an alternative to the world's most watched sporting event.

Ten years ago, Animal Planet brought out the surprisingly successful Puppy Bowl, which featured various tiny dogs of different breeds cavorting in a large play area shaped like a football stadium.  Despite critics initially scoffing at it, the Puppy Bowl has not only flourished, attracted growing advertisers, but gives children something to watch while Mom and Dad are glued to the game. Our family actually watches it during the intermission.

And, given the lack of quality of some previous halftime shows,  the Puppy Bowl can be a nice alternative.

This success hasn't gone unnoticed.  Besides the Fish Bowl, this year Hallmark Channel will offer up what promises to be a hit with little girls:  The Kitten Bowl. 

The Hallmark Channel website even offers a preview video, and a "roster" of the participating animals complete with player profiles!

So, with all these choices, which one will you be glued to?  Bruno Mars? Puppy Bowl?  Kitten Bowl?  We bet you'll surf over to Nat-Geo just to see what's going on with Goldie the Goldfish!   (Video courtesy of Animal Planet-YouTube).