The wildly popular TV show "Mythbusters" had a stunt go wrong  tuesday, and could result in a big settlement.

The team of the show seen on Discovery Channel was trying to determine how far a cannonball would travel it shot straight into the air.  Instead, the ball ended up going through a house, causing extensive damage near Dublin CA.  According to the local sherriff,  the errant ball went off the grounds of the Camp Parks Military Firing Reservation, and into a house in nearby Cassata Place.  It went through the front door, bounced around, then tore up to the second floor and out the back of the house.  It then struck the roof of a second home, causing significant roof tile damage.  According to CBS Los Angeles, the homeowner of the first house was "frightened."--ya think?  The wayward cannonball finally came to a rest inside a third homeowners minivan.   Discover and Mythbusters crews said it was the first significant mishap in the eight year run of the show.  Here's hoping they don't pull the plug--it's great TV !