Hard on the heels of the first (and unsuccessful) National Test of the Emergency Alert System (EAS),  reports indicate the Feds are now trying to put one together for cell phones and the internet.

Back in May, FEMA, the Federal Emergency Management Agency, launched PLAN, or an emergency alert system for cell phones.   An opt-in plan,  it only works however, with smart phones (I Phone, Droid etc).  Any similar plans for the internet would also be opt-in.   All the Federal Emergency or Disaster agencies do have facebook, twitter, and websites.  But it's getting the public to add them, friend them, or allow them to access their social media accounts that's the issue.   For now, the tried and true EAS method through radio and television appears to be the best approach--although EAS works well at the local and regional level, and for AMBER alerts, the first national test on Wednesday was a failure,  numerous glitches, and two entire states not receiving the alert.    Another topic that begun to bubble to the surface about the national EAS test, and efforts to do the same on cell phones and internet, is that the Feds, namely the Obama Administration, are trying to wrest more control away from people, interfere into their private lives, and is moving closer to a dictatorship.  That sentiment was offered by Ron Paul--courtesy of Real Clear Politics.