Washington shoppers were faced with 'sticker shock'  Monday when commercial alcohol sales went into effect.

So much so, that retailers posted signs explaining why the prices were not as low as had been expected when voters chose to do away with the excessively marked-up state liquor control system.   Legislators approved and slapped a 10% distributor tax and 17% "fee" on top of the price, making them close to what shoppers found in the old state stores.

We posted a survey for our Newstalk listeners, and these are some of your responses (occasionally edited for spelling, and public sharing!

"I didn't expect them, and the DOR (department of revenue), or whoever made those decisions, should have to explain themselves.  If these are new taxes, they could be repealed via another initiative."

"I am sure this will help our folks (sic) legislators get their raise."

"It makes me sick to my stomach I am tired of legislators robbing us blind to fund their worthless programs!!!"

"#&$% the politicians, vote the ones out who voted to pass this tax"

This issue is not done yet. Take the same survey on the new alcohol taxes and we will post more of your thoughts.  Thanks for your opinions with Newstalk 870!