It's fine if automakers can provide vehicles that not only perform well and meet the needs of consumers, but when millions cannot afford them, that's another matter.

Friday, NADA (National Automotive Dealers Association) released a new study that says as many as 7 million Americans will be cut out of the new car market, because of Federally Mandated Fuel Standards.

  The Corporate Average Fuel Economy (CAFE) has become a sour taste to auto dealers.  Detroit and other manufacturers have been able to build vehicles that meet them BUT the price tag for the new technology (including hybrids and electrics) will, and already has, price these vehicles beyond the reach of millions of car buyers.

  NADA has been warning the Obama Administration for several years that if high fuel milage vehicles can be affordably built, then people WILL buy them.   However, the EPA and White House continue to club Americans over the head by jamming the idea of buying hybrids, electrics, and other ultra-high milage vehicles down our throats.  

 Many Americans are finding success with such vehicles as those small Suzuki, Kia, Honda, and several domestics made by Ford and GM that offer comparable milage to the hybrids and electrics, but tens of thousands less.

   However, the latest CAFE standards could raise the average price of cars and trucks by as much as $3,000.   This might not sound like much, but it is enough to price millions out of the car market.  There IS a difference between buying a 19k car and one that's 22-23k.