Beware of the green DUI!

Since the legalization of marijuana in December, Washington law enforcement officials report over 130 people have been arrested for a drug-related DUI (no way to know how many of those were from marijuana). Since legalization began Dec. 6, people can be caught operating a motor vehicle with more than five nanograms of the drug in their system.

It was obviously enough to impair their driving skills, and now law enforcement officials fully expect a new DUI charge to be added to the books. It's already being referred to as a green DUI.

Seattle attorney Aaron Pelley has made a successful practice of defending DUI suspects and reports that prior to legalization he'd never been asked how to fight a green DUI. Now a number of people are inquiring every week.

Because of the new five nanogram standard, Pelley says it will be harder for green DUI drivers to fight the charge. Prior to legalization, people arrested for impaired driving who didn't test positive for alcohol could argue the marijuana buzz had no blood level threshold for comparison.

Officials expect the green DUI charge to be officially added to law enforcement procedure soon.