Perhaps the Minnesota Vikings are taking this a little too far.All-Pro Running Back Adrian Peterson is trying to come back from a torn ACL and MCL in his right knee that he injured last season. The surgery was 8 months ago, and Peterson is attempting the daunting task of being ready to return for Week 1 of the NFL season!

Most players require a year to return from such an injury, but Peterson believes he can do it. The Vikings are apparently following his idea, and have instituted a bizarre set of rules for him in training camp:

If you touch #28, you're cut from the team.

This may seem over the top, but it was confirmed by Safety Jamarca Sanford, who told the  Minneapolis Star Tribune just that. "The rules are simple. Do not touch 28. If you touch him, you're cut." This doesn't mean don't hit him or nudge him -- players say even if they lay a finger on him!

While the Vikings want to make sure he has a chance to be ready, critics point out that if Peterson is not even allowed to be bumped in practice, then he probably has not been medically cleared for contact, and therefore not ready to play. This would also mean he is not getting the necessary work in pre-season games to be ready for the season opener. Hall of Famer Jerry Rice says he thinks Peterson is pushing it, expecting to be back so soon. He feels a healthy Peterson -- even if he misses a few games -- will better benefit the rebuilding Vikings than a hobbling runner who's available for all 16 games.

What do you think? Is this rule a bit too harsh? Even touching him? Take our poll.