US Military officials are looking into wether used of night vision goggles and equipment allowed Taliban forces to help bring down a US Chinook Helicopter last weekend, killing 30 US Special Forces Troops.

Military spokesmen have said it is possible Iran has been leaking limited amounts of technology to insurgent forces. Others believe militant supporters have possibly been selling such technology from within the US to Taliban and other forces.   The night vision used by US Special Forces and others is simply not the "green" night time goggles, but sophisticated units that allow for nearly daylight clarity in darkness, as well as heat sensitive infrared capability that allows soldiers to detect a person's presence even behind a wall or other structure.   Should the Taliban obtain significant amounts of that equipment could cause difficulty for US forces, as they often operate at night with a distinct technological advantage.  Also, some Afghan military commanders are now saying the US helicopter attack was "set up" by insurgents who, using supposedly friendly informants, supplied false information to US troops, to lure the chopper to a certain area.