Wednesday, the Kennewick Irrigation District issued the word that spot watering will no longer be permitted for it's residential customers.

Due to what the District is calling a "steep reduction" in return flows to the Yakima River, customers are asked to discontinue using garden hoses to target areas of distress in their lawns or other foliage.

Return flows are water that's worked it's way back to the river system from runoff and other irrigation districts. The KID depends upon return flows for a significant portion of it's water supply.

Residents can still water twice a week, with 30 minutes per zone in their yard, but KID is asking they refrain from using the garden hose in between those times, or to supplement their regular restricted watering schedule.

Due to ever changing conditions, the KID has to make such decisions within small and fast windows, according to the District:


"The District would like to remind our customers that K.I.D. has less than a 30 hour window for which to receive information regarding changes to the amount of water available for delivery to our customers. To best provide additional water to our customers, as it becomes available, frequent alterations to the watering guidelines will likely continue throughout these drought conditions.


Current watering guidelines will remain in effect until further notice."