If you look up the definition of the word 'irony..."

A North Carolina restaurant that recently began to prominently display signs in every window reading "no weapons, no concealed firearms,"  was held up at gunpoint May 19th.

The Pit restaurant in Durham was taking a page from the Chipotle restaurant chain who recently put up signs telling customers to leave guns outside, even applying the "ban" to those who have concealed weapons permits.

Breitbart.com reports three men wearing hoodies entered through the back door of the facility, armed with pistols.  They forced employees and customers to lie on the floor while they stole cash and other items. They also assaulted two workers during the robbery.

Sources say The Pit was copying Chipotle's claim that the sight of armed patrons in it's restaurants caused other customers "anxiety and discomfort."

Wonder how much anxiety and discomfort was caused by the robbers, who no doubt had to be encouraged to knock off the facility knowing nobody inside was armed?    Just sayin...