Besides eating, and occasionally mixing food when cooking, now another use for those frustrating pieces of wood!

Most of us have not mastered the art of using chopsticks when eating Japanese or Chinese food,  especially when it comes to rice!

However, this man has taken it to a whole new level!    Weird News Asia reports police are seeking a man who has been preying on unsuspecting citzens on the streets of Tokyo by using chopsticks to remove wallets, money, and other valuables from their pockets.

It actually makes sense,  say authorities.  If he can get close enough and there's enough space in the opening of the pocket, he can remove an item without risking bumping or touching the victim.

One would have to be a master of the sticks, though, to pull this off.  Police did not say if they have any leads, or if these photos were turned over to authorities.  Authorities say it's been a growing crime in Asia, and has even gotten the attention of the British tabloid media.