According to the latest Gallup Poll data, President Obama now has the lowest approval rating since modern ratings began with Truman just after World War II.

Obama this week passed Jimmy Carter, and with his overall 43 percent approval, now has the worst rating by a modern US president since 1945.   The Gallup data measures a variety of approval/disapproval catagories, and when averaged together, gave him the 43%.   More and more rumors are leaking out of Washington D.C. that should Obama seek re-election in 2012 (his ego probably will edge him to do it)  Joe Biden should be replaced by Hillary Clinton as the VP nominee--in fact, some in the Democratic Party are pushing for Hillary to run in 2012.    Two of the biggest factors in her being considered (or pushed) is because A)   Hillary learned from the experiences of Bill Clinton. He suffered several embarrasing defeats at the hands of the GOP congress early in his tenure when he tried some Obama-like ideas.  He quickly moved to the middle and became much more centrist.  She is far less prone to the heavy-handed ego centric ideas of Obama.  And B)  she has avoided the numerous scandals, dirt and hypocrisy of the Obama Administration.    By comparison,  Michelle Obama makes Hillary Clinton look like Laura Bush.  Michelle has not helped her husbands cause or approval numbers by constantly telling Americans their children are out of shape, they don't know how to properly care for them, and for the Obama's trashing the public school system (while pushing to throw more money at it)  while their children have never attended any school but private.  Ms. Obama has established a reputation a brash, abrasive and irritating individual, to say the least.