Leave it to the President who lives and dies by credit and defecit spending to roll out the portable credit card reader for campaign contributions.

Today the CBO (Congressional Budget Office)  released a report showing that actual, real unemployment in the US is hovering around ten percent; but that didn't stop the Obama campaign from rolling out volunteers in major cities armed with portable credit card scanners.   The scanners enable volunteers and campaign workers to take campaign contributions from people on the street,  in stores, anywhere.  The credit card scanners work the same as those in the store, they're just portable. Called the Square mobile fundraising platform, they have been used in limited quantities before by candidates, but never on an organized national scale, and never by a Presidentdial incumbent.  While the country faces a fourth straight year with a trillion dollar defecit, Obama continues to attempt to pile up mountains of cash, so he can attempt to win another term highlighted by...credit and defecit spending.