President Obama has shown an uncanny ability to spin every crisis or issue in America to fit his template for change.

The Occupy Wall Street movement, he believes, is a barometer of what the rest of the nation is feeling when it comes to how our financial system operates, as well as banks.   Ignoring the heavy union involvement, especially SEIU, as well as other liberal groups pouring money into supporting the protestors (who by the way are not working), he tried to spin the Occupy movement as America's frustration with banks.  He claims GOP and conservative leaders are trying to gut the "reforms" he and his administration put in place-ignoring the facts that since his watch began, unemployment has skyrocketed,  the national debt has increased by 40 percent, and  jobs are shrinking.  Besides, the stimulus has failed, yet he blames everything on others.  It is yet another example of what many critics are calling his considerable insensitivity to mainstream America.