President Obama and VP Joe Biden have been hammering at private equity firm Bain Capital because of how Romney built it into a thriving business, but that's not stopping him from keeping their campaign money.

Three Bain executives have contributed large amounts of money to the Obama machine, and apparently that's ok.   Obama and Biden have attacked venture capital and private equity investment firms, claiming they harm people financially, take their money, and cost them life savings.  They have hammered Romney over his overseeing the company into a very successful business.

Apparently for Obama, such companies are 'bad', but when they give him money, they're ok.    That has been a consistent theme for Obama.  Private wealth,  profiting from investments, and succeeding financially are bad; but when you share it with those who won't work, or give it to the Feds or his campaign, then it's ok.

Hypocrisy, thy name is Barack Obama.