As almost daily poll results show President Obama dropping steadily, often to levels never seen by a modern era president (at least since Jimmy Carter) there is one group who give him a 70% approval rating.

According to the latest Pew Research Center data, Muslims have a very different view of not only Obama, but the general direction of America.  70% of Muslims give favorable or non-negative views towards Obama.  Another 56% view what is happening in America today as positive, and 4 out of 5 tend to rate their lives and communities very favorably.  Also, only 6% of Muslims believe there is widespread support among those of their faith in the US, who support extremism.   No reasons were given in the report for the strikingly different results that are virtually polar opposites of the vast majority of Americans; who are dissastisfied with Obama, worried about the direction of the nation, unhappy with the economy, and concerned about their own economic future.   The Muslim data also shows they have a very different interpretation of the economic signs that point to a recession, including near record unemployment under Obama.  With the 10th anniversary of 911 coming soon, considerable media attention is being refocused on the state of relations between the Muslim community in America, and the rest of the country.  On that note, numerous polls show only a tiny fraction of Muslims in America have a favorable view of  extremists.  Nearly all the Muslims polled by Pew and other groups view 911 as an abomination and blight against their faith.