President Obama, during a visit to Arizona, was seen verbally sparring with Gov. Jan Brewer.  At issue?  Comments about the Prez in her new book,  Scorpions For Breakfast.
Apparently, instead of replying to Brewer's greeting, and invitation to tour the border and discuss other issues, Obama brought up an excerpt from her book, where he felt she was not cordial enough about the President and his policies.   Apparently, according to AP Pool reporters and Brewer, Obama walked away while she was still talking.   Obama did the same thing to LA Gov. Bobby Jindal during the president's visit to Louisiana during the Gulf Oil Spill crisis.   Jindal later recounted in his book he was looking for words of reassurance and support from the Feds over the enviornmental issues, and other relevant topics.  Instead, Jindal recounts, Obama was upset...over food stamps.  Jindal and his administration had sent a letter the previous day to Ag. Secretary Tom Vilsack asking about the possibility of approving food assistance for those who were now unemployed due to the oil spill.  Jindal said it's a rather routine request during such disasters, but somehow Obama took it to mean the Feds were not doing enough.  Jindal said not one word was spoken about the oil spill, only Obama saying "careful"   "this is going to get bad for everyone."    He was more concerned about being made to look bad than addressing the oil situation.  The Weekly Standard last fall wrote a fascinating piece called "Being Obama--It's All About Him" which accurately sums up his view of being President.