Just hours after his announcement that he supported gay marriage, Obama was already in the spin cycle.

Obama hosted a conference call with at least 8 noted black pastors, and tried to explain why he took the stance.  While some liberal ministers applauded or at least supported his decision, numerous others objected, and said it would make it difficult for them to support his re-election campaign.  The reason?  Obama's support for gay marriage "...is contrary to their understanding of the scripture" said one pastor.   One of the pastors whom Obama calls his 'spiritual advisor' said he has received numerous calls from ministers across the country who lead African American and Hispanic churches.  Rev. Jim Wallis said these leaders felt the government was forcing them to accept a definition of marriage that is contrary to their teachings.

  Whatever the outcome, many critics say it's less about really caring about the issue, and more about securing votes and support for Obama--hence the quick jump to damage control, and numerous phone calls to religious leaders trying to explain himself.