President Obama plans to cut billions of dollars from the US Defense budget, claiming the reality of the US economy is forcing him to do so.

Saying "we have to renew our economic strength here at home, which is the foundation of our strength in the world. That includes putting our fiscal house in order,"  Obama said the US military will be reshaped to fit the new challenges it will face in the future.   Defense Secretary Leon Panetta says among the changes will be the sizes of some of the military branches, including the Army and Marine Corps.   It's ironically funny to hear Obama talk of putting our house in order when he has spent more Federal money than any other president in history;  his administration has loaned hundreds of millions to questionable 'green' companies such as Solyndra (who went bankrupt and lost over 1100 jobs); and continues to pump money into questionable causes.  Crtics say his decision to cut tens of thousands of troops is curious, since most of the military theaters now involve using boots on the ground to combat terrorism.