Even at its highest point in a few years, the penalty -- or tax as the Supreme Court ruled it was -- for Obamacare is, or will be, cheaper than buying insurance. Why is this causing issues for funding Obamacare? From Americans for Limited Governments' Net Right Daily:

For Obamacare to work as they claim it would, many more healthy people than sick people need to be paying health care companies for coverage. The more money healthy people spend on coverage makes it possible for the companies to cover the sick.

But many of the uninsured healthy people would probably opt to pay the tax, which is lower than the cost of coverage. This is causing many health care providers and those in the Obama administration to worry that there is not enough incentive to take part in the new system, the result of which could be increased taxes and more fees as well as a spike in the cost of health care coverage.

Also, because Obamacare forces insurance companies to accept pre-existing conditions, many people figure they will only buy health insurance when they actually need it. Critics are not saying the penalties should have been higher than the cost of insurance, but because they are, people are opting to pay the tax instead. Opponents of Obamacare say this should have been figured out in the first place, and the creators of the Affordable Care Act would have known it wasn't going to support itself, let alone work.

Especially with younger people, critics say the White House could have better success trying to convince citizens to buy the insurance by highlighting the positives. By trying to make it seem attractive to them, instead of the current marketing plan which seems to say, buy this health insurance or we're going to get you. More from Net Right Daily:

We are about to find out which route is more effective as the government attempts to make Obamacare a success. It is much more likely that they will use the tax system to correct their mistake than use a message of come and buy a product you don’t yet need.

So get ready, Obamacare’s first failure won’t cost the government money, just you as the taxes are increased and the cost of health care rises.