Good thing THIS Tri-Cities isn't here in Washington state, it's in Virginia.

According to the news website,  the Bristol, Virginia School District is considering a move to hire substitute teachers from a local employment, or temp, agency - rather than hire on more permanent workers.

The school board said the possible move would be to avoid expected, documented costs caused by the Affordable Care Act.   The school board has tabled the proposal for now, but expects to make a final decision in December.

At issue is the fact that Obamacare requires employers to offer healthcare for full-time workers.  The district has already cut back the hours of non-salaried workers to reduce pending expenses,  and now might be putting temps in front of the classroom!

Superintendent Mark Lineburg said:

'We’re trying to figure out whether it’s best to keep them or to out-source them to a company that deals with substitute teachers as temporary workers."

While saying she didn't intend to offend those who are employed through the temp agency, Bristol Schools Vice Chairwoman Beth Rhinehart asked about the qualifications of those coming from the agency to teach:

“I think when you put folks in front of our children, you want them to be there because that’s what they want to do,”

The district has already seen some staff shortages, as they have had to cut aides, substitutes and para-educators back to 27.5 hours a week, so the district can avoid having to provide additional health care programs.

It's interesting that besides those "greedy capitalists" Obama likes to punish with his policies,   also being hurt are school districts who -by the way Mr. President -  are not-for-profit entities.  Hmmm!