"Brace" yourself for sticker shock at the orthodontist.

As we journey into 2013, we're seeing all the hidden taxes and agendas coming out of the hundreds of pages of Obamacare. You'll get to keep your doctor, but it's going to cost you a lot more.

Have a child with braces -- or one who will? Get ready for the price to go. According to Americans for Taxpayer Reform, the national average for a set of full braces for a typical child can be as much as $7,000. With the new Obamacare tax, that price will rise as much as $175. Even if your child's orthodontics are less, the price will still go up at least $100 based upon a national average.

This is due to the Obama Medical Device Tax. It slaps a 2.3% increase on what manufacturers producing artificial limbs, thermometers, braces, false teeth and other items will pay the IRS. No doubt, these companies will pass at least some of that cost on to consumers.