Apparently the Occupy Portland protesters left behind more than irritated business owners, offended citizens and disrupted parks.

Portland officials now report an infestation of rats in several of the parks where the Occupy Movement squatters were staying. 

The parks near Lownsdale Square and Schrunk Plaza are no strangers to rodents but officials say the number of rats has increased considerably -- enough to be considered an infestation.

The massive sanitation issues created in the parks by the protestors brought many more rats to the area, who then bred and have exploded the population.

Occupy Portland leaders claim they tried to warn officials about the pending outbreak and claim they saw signs of breeding.

Last winter media outlets began detailing serious health concerns at the Occupy sites, saying the demand overwhelmed the public toilet facilities among other issues. The parks were not designed for the hundreds of people living there, and sanitation and health conditions quickly went sour.

Apparently the Occupy leaders failed to take into account the parks did not have these outbreaks and infestations prior to their squatting and turning parts of downtown Portland into a dump. Now the city will have to spend additional tax dollars hiring an exterminator to bring down the rat population.

Video is courtesy of KGW TV Portland.