Occupy Portland--the same people who tried to block west coast ports not that long ago--are planning to visit John Dam Plaza Sunday.

You might recall the explosion near a stairwell at a building near the Occupy Portland camp last fall, Portland Police investigated and it was linked to some of the campers with the Occupy Portland movement.   Sunday they plan a rally at the John Dam Plaza to protest what they believe is the dangerous situation at Hanford.

 Several buses have reportedly been chartered for them to make the trip here.  Guests are slated to include one of the founders of Physicians For Social Responsibility, Dr. Helen Caldicott, who is a self-proclaimed activist against nuclear weapons and nuclear power. According to published reports, the group plans to hang out from noon until 5pm, as they protest what they call  the enviornmental tragedy of Hanford.

  However,  Occupy Tri Cities may not be there, or at least many of the members.   Some do not share the views of Occupy Portland, mainly because the Portlandites are a little shoddy on their knowledge of not only the history of the Tri Cities, but what is actually being done at Hanford.

  And the Eastern Washington Chapter of the American Nuclear Society.  They point out that nothing in the area's history, present, or cleanup process, poses any potential harm to Portland Oregon.  Feel free to attend the rally yourself, and see what they come up with.  You might recall one of the Occupy Portland people placed their infant daughter on railroad tracks in an effort to stop a train when they tried to block seaports not that long ago...