In yet another effort to annoy the rest of working, productive American society, the Occupy Movement has moved to seaports up and down the west coast, including Portland OR.

Seeing their refuges in cities and financial districts being shut down, and having been rousted from numerous inner city areas, the Occupy Movements  Monday attempted to block ports of entry for freight up and down the Pacific Coast in CA, and Portland OR.   One carload of Occupy protestors were involved in a car accident on Marine Drive off I-5 in Portland, turns out they were in a vehicle that was reported stolen.   Another group of protestors showed up and told police they were there to protest, but officers found the driver had no license, and one of the men had an unliscened gun.  Occupy movement organizers claim they were not part of the movement.  How would they know?  Are they taking roll call?   Critics find their attempted blockage of ports rather unusual;  they would actually be hindering the work and duties of many blue collar workers whom Occupy claims are part of the 99%.