Once again, the West Coast is showing spine that New York, D.C. and others should emulate.  The Mayor Of Portland has given a deadline for Occupy Portland protestors to vacate  downtown park areas.

The deadline of 12:01am Sunday comes as Mayor Sam Adams told a press conference due to health reasons, and a marked increase in crime as well as incidents of violence, the protestors will be 'removed' from the downtown park areas, as well as Shrunk Plaza, a federally controlled area.   Many critics of the Occupy movement-and some city insiders-say the final straw was the detonation of an incindiary bomb, or molotov cocktail, in the stairwell of a downtown building next to one of the Occupy campgrounds.  Police are pursuing definite leads that indicate someone associated with or directly part of the Occupy Movement, made and detonated the bomb.   Also, Gresham Mayor Shane Bemis delivered an invoice to Occupy movement officials for $1,546 to repair two police cars that were vandalized by an Occupy protest member.