You have to admire their spirit and courage, and you can understand why they're doing this. But they are woefully misinformed, misguided, and perhaps dangerous!

In the wake of the Sandy Hook shootings in Connecticut, Shannon Watts founded One Million Moms for Gun Control. The website indicates she is an Indiana mother with no political affiliations, yet it has gone viral. But we have some issues with their agenda:

  • 1) The reinstatement of the ban on assault weapons and related ammunition magazines.
  • 2) Close gun show loopholes that encourage private gun sales without background checks.
  • 3) Advocate a common-sense approach to how much ammunition can be purchased.
  • 4) Place boundaries on concealed weapons laws at the state level.
  • 5) Improve mental health awareness and access.

Their website says they're not in favor of banning guns but these talking points sound all too similar to progressive and liberal ideas about gun control. The BIG issue here is banning, limiting, restricting or curtailing guns will not stop violence -- period! 

Aside from the last line about mental health, there is nothing in their platform about parents and other adults taking more active roles in the lives of children and young adults, or about pursuing the societal issues that lead to disturbed people committing acts of violence.

Weeks ago we addressed the so called loophole that allegedly allows private gun transactions to take place at unlicensed gun shows. Even the government's own statistics show these make up less than 1 percent of ALL gun show sales. Shannon Watts may be well meaning, but she has shown herself to be misguided.

Countries and U.S. cities with gun bans or gun controls (D.C. until recently and Chicago, for example) have some of the highest gun death rates in the world!

Another red flag over One Million Moms for Gun Control is the video testimonial from pop star Beyonce'. We all recall her political sophistication from the night of the election when she tweeted: "Take that, Mitches," referring to GOP supporters of Romney.

The Million Moms website also urges support for the controversial  Mayors Against Illegal Guns website.

While the shootings and acts of violence are horrific and tragic, the delivery system is not to blame. Remember the story about the man in China who attacked a school classroom full of students with a knife and injured 22? The root problem here is the gradual breakdown and degeneration of society, starting in the home.

Our schools have been forced to deal with the issues created by lack of parenting, broken homes, and other negative effects on children who often grow up with unresolved psychological issues. On one hand we glorify social degeneration and violence in the media along with moral corruption, then we turn around and blame guns for what disturbed people do with them.

Again, Newstalk 870 calls attention to prohibition. It was a progressive idea that promised to cure virtually all of society's ills, including violence. Did it work? You just have to read a little about Al Capone to refresh yourself on that.

One Million Moms for Gun Control should be praised for their concerns and willingness to take action, but corrected for aiming at the wrong target in society today.