You've heard the expression "that can't happen here!"  Well, over the last few years, it has, and continues.

The widely-read internet blog Fellowship Of  Minds has produced a Top 10 list of scenarios, both past and ongoing, that will really make you shake your head:

  • 10.  Only in America...could politicians talk of the 'greed of the rich' at a $35,000 a plate campaign fundraiser.
  • 9.  Only in America...could an administration (Obama) have people who were charged with cheating on their taxes create our current tax code.  Timothy Geitner, Obama's 1st Treasury Secretary, and former Ways and Means Chair Charlie Rangel.
  • 8.  Only in America...could terrorists kill in the name of Allah, but the media's primary reaction is to worry if Muslims are offended by any backlash.
  • 7.  Only in we make immigrants trying to enter legally pay thousands of dollars and wait several years, while allowing those who snuck in to magically become citizens overnight.
  • 6.  Only in America...could activists and some people claim the government still discriminates against African-Americans when the country has a black president and attorney general.   They receive 40% of federal entitlements, compared to 8% for Hispanics, and about 16% for white Americans.
  • 5.  Only in America...could politicians who want to balance the federal budget and live by the Constitution be accused of being extremists.
  • 4. Only in America...could people demand the federal government investigate the profits of a major oil company  (Marathon Oil) when their profit margin is less than half of Nike and other big companies.
  • 3. Only in America...could the government be spending what amounts to about $7 million dollars a minute, and still say they don't have enough money.
  • 2. Only in America...would you be required to present a driver's license to cash a check or buy alcohol (proof of identity)  but not to vote.
  • 1.  Only in America...could the wealthy, who pay 86% of all income taxes, be accused of not paying their fair share by the 49.5% of Americans who don't pay any federal taxes at all!

Ah, yes,  only in America, indeed!