Another documented example of how the Occupy movement is falling apart faster than a three dollar suit, Occupy Portland organizers discovered they have "lost" more than $20,000 in donations made thru Pay Pal, and their website has been hijacked.

Jordan LeDoux, a member of the team's public relations and communication team, says they have not been able to access the website,  He also says a member of the finance team (8-10 members of the group who oversee donations) has 'hijacked' the domain name, and alledgedly against the wishes of the Portland group, filed for incorporation.   Papers filed with the state by a Reid Jackson show that "Occupy Portland" was registered as a non-profit group.   Jackson, who is on the finance committee told that she incorporated to protect the group. She claims somone has "infiltrated" the group via the finance committee and is trying to capitalize on the money--hence the missing 20K in donations.  Jackson claims disputes among the finance committee members have escalated to the point where she has now received death threats.  Jackson did not identify who the infiltrator is, but made it clear they are trying to scam the group out of thousands in donations.  Ah, sounds like the making of a made-for-cable-tv  mini-series!  Funny, you never heard stories like this from the TEA Party.   Anarchy may sound fun, but when it comes to running an organization or country, it just seems to fall apart.