The Oregon State Patrol continues to investigate a new round of telephone scammers contacting residents trying to get them to pay for non-existent arrest warrants.

Officials say people across the state have received phone calls from a person or persons claiming to be Oregon State Police officers. July 16, one such caller identified himself as Deputy James Anderson of the state police. Another caller had a thick Middle Eastern accent and claimed to be Jason Washington of the state police.

This caller had the victim's Social Security Number, home telephone, address and other personal information. In all the cases, victims are instructed to wire money via Western Union, or put the money on a reloadable Rite Aid card.

Officials say some of the calls have been traced to area code 410, which is the eastern half of the state of Maryland, including Baltimore.

Officials stress at no time will ANY law enforcement agency of any kind ever call people and demand wire or telephone payment -- regardless if they have warrants or not. If someone receives such a suspicious call, they are asked to file an official report by calling 1-877-877-9392, which is the Oregon State Department of Justice Consumer Protection line.