An Oregon woman was wanted for her role in fatal car crash in 1997!

Because of some dogged police work by a Canadian law enforcement official, an Oregon woman is in custody 16 years after she was involved in a car crash that killed a 65-year-old woman near Albany, OR.

54-year-old Jean Terese Keating is being held in Linn County pending court appearances on charges of DUI, Manslaughter, Reckless Driving , and three counts of Reckless Endangerment of Another Person.

On April 13, 1997, Keating was taken into custody following a fatal crash that killed 65-year-old Jewel Oline Anderson on Interstate 5 near Albany. Keating's car sideswiped Anderson's sending it into another vehicle, killing her instantly.   Keating did not suffer injuries; the driver of the third car was not seriously injured.

Keating jumped her bail, disappeared and was placed on the National Crime Information Center's database as a wanted fugitive. Her family never reported her missing after she vanished.

Then in 2003, after the case had gone cold, a Royal Canadian Mounted Police constable in the small town of Minnedosa, Manitoba, heard residents talking about a woman named Jean McPherson rumored to be an illegal immigrant from the U.S. and a wanted fugitive. The officer found Jean McPherson was not a Canadian citizen and learned she'd been arrested for a DUI, fingerprinted and had a record in Canada.

He sent this information to U.S. authorities, including witness information that McPherson had been overheard in a bar in Minnedosa talking about "getting away" with a DUI accident that killed a woman. Her fingerprints were a match to Keating, and Canadian authorities arrested her. She was extradited to Oregon, and is now awaiting justice!

Anderson's family issued a statement through the Oregon State Patrol, which in part read:

"While there is no price to be put on repayment for taking a life, and it certainly won't bring Jewel back, we are thankful that finally after 16 years of her running, hiding and torment, our families will have some closure; knowing that Teresa Jean Keating is in custody and justice will be served."


Below are images of accident victim Anderson, and Keating after she was captured.

(Anderson family photo)


(Oregon State Patrol)