You may live in a small town, but that doesn't mean that you are immune to tragedy.A police force with just 5 officers is all that is needed in the town of Rainier in Northwest Oregon.  Now the city and theirs police force is even smaller after the Rainer Police Chief was shot and killed Wednesday (January 5th) night. The officer was responding to a disturbance call around 10:45 PM. When he arrived on the scene, the officer got into a scuffle with a suspect and was fatally wounded. According to Fox News:

Witnesses said other officers arrived quickly, eventually numbering as many as 30. Officers from nearby towns, the State Police and sheriff's department joined in. Then, the police ordered a man to drop a weapon and fired multiple shots into the Sound Authority building, said John Harper, who is opening a tobacco store. "The cops just unleashed on him," he told the Longview Daily News.

Rainier is on the Columbia River, a town of about 1,800 directly south of the city of Longview, Wash. "It's just a sad day for Rainier," said Rainier Mayor Jerry Cole.